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Stop making assumptions

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Taking care of yourself is attractive. Caring about your body, mind and future is hot. Creating a life you love is sexy. Living a productive life you love is provocative. You don’t become great and amazing overnight or with little work. It takes dedication, persistence, passion, and consistency. How many times have you said that you wanted something in your life that is just out of reach? Yet every time you go to accomplish the goal, you stop right before you’ve hit your grove. Do hot girl shit and be committed. Hunt down your dreams and don’t stop until you’re living your fantasy life.

Here are some inspirational photos for you to save or just look at--plus a few tips to keep you motivated towards becoming the best version of you 


Think about what could go right


What would you do if you had all the money in the world? What would you try if failure didn't matter?

Go out there and get out of your comfort zone. Try to accomplish your dream or just start by thinking about it.

  • Want to sell something online? How do you start? What do you need to learn? Where would you get your supplies? What capitol would you need to get your first sale?
  • Want to open a physical location like a boutique? What would you need to do to get started? Where would you get your inventory? What do you need to learn about retail? What is your strategy to get people in your door?
Start learning about your passion and your goals. Eventually you will begin to find ways to take that first step and then the next and soon you will be running like hell towards your wildest dreams.
Stop making assumptions
Things are only unattainable when you decide they are not for you. You are making them unattainable.

Want to know how the successful got there? They went for it. They ignored the naysayers and attacked their dreams. Everything in life can be accomplished but you just need to fight for it.

  • When you are feeling doubt or questioning whether you could be the next billionaire or successful CEO (or whatever your dream is), write it down. When you see your negativity on paper, you will realize it is irrational and change it to positive manifestation.

  • Instead of listing out how in your head the hurdles you have to jump to get somewhere, think about easy steps to cross off the first one. Take it one step at a time. 

level up your tribe
You are the average of the 5 people you spend your most time with because most people do not like to stand out in a crowd. Be the person that changes the group and influences them to level up--or get out of there.

    How do you take yourself to the next level--you need to stop being the smartest one at your table. 

    • Network: go on LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Bumble BFF/Biz, go to networking happy hours (maybe through zoom now), go on travel trips with amazing women

    • Actively find new people that would help you to learn more

    • Open your mind--work on yourself more than you check social media

    You will get better

    It takes years to become an overnight success. You cannot expect one face mask, one day of great habits, or one good decision to change your entire life overnight. 

    What you can do to see small wins as the big changes take time:

    • Track your progress in a daily journal--you won't know how you've grown if you can't look back on the steps
    • Set daily goals so you can be proud each day
    • Set realistic goals that can be accomplished
    • Take time to celebrate yourself
    Check on yourself

    You matter and you should worry more about what you think about yourself than what others think about you.

    • How do you talk about yourself? 

    • Are you happy with the way you are living your life? You can change that if you want.

    • What makes you happy? Why are you jealous of others? Find something that you could be proud to brag about to yourself.

    I hope this inspired you or helped you take a little bit of action to make you feel good about yourself.


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