All About Us

How it all started?

Have you ever wondered how to get ahead in life? SAME. Have you forgotten something you learned a week ago? SAME. And my all time favorite--have you started to track changes or habits in your life, and one day you just don’t pick it up again? SAME x 10 million.

A couple self-help books, podcasts, affirmation cards and a murky path in my career led to the growth of Never Stay Stagnant!

So this kale-loving, energetic human has an idea...


Hey It’s Taylor! I was in the same boat for so long--practically felt this way since graduating. I grew up in an average household with five sisters, (yes it was absolutely insane) and our up bringing was pretty normal for that many hormones under one roof. Fast forward to being an adult and living on my own in a completely different state than my friends or family. I was starting to feel stuck at my job and wanted to continue to grow and change, but no one could guide me to get to the next step. I would constantly commit to a new habit and then give it up after a few weeks because I would be bored or would not see the difference.

I started to focus on myself and how I can round out my skills as a human being. My first step--my inner dialogue. I became addicted to every type of self-help journal or book you could find but would still get bored and jump to the next one after a few weeks or just stop for a good month or so. I just knew there had to be a different way to keep my millennial attention but still keep me on the right path.

And then there I was sitting at my desk at 7 PM on a Wednesday designing exactly what I wanted to track. I knew if I wanted to make this a habit for myself, I would need to make it fun and easy--so I started to design the pages on a Friday night on the computer. I finished the first week over that weekend. After many trials and input from my friends and family, Make Yourself Proud was born just a couple weeks later.

This is just the beginning 

As people who were struggling to find direction and something that sticks, we are so excited for you to try our journal.  We want to inspire others but not only for an hour. We are here to inspire with action and help you make an incredible pivot in your life! We want to see you win and hope to help you get there. 

Let’s make this world a better place for everyone by starting with ourselves.


Want to be part of the story?

Do you have ideas you’d like to see or products you want? Is there something else you are struggling with that you would like to see in our next book?

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