Self-care is more than just face masks and bubble baths.

Not Just Another Self-Help Blog

Self-care is always a touchy subject. It is funny that it’s typically perceived as something we should hide—no one should know we are not perfect! How dare we want to fix imperfections or take care of ourselves, so that we are better! Society has led us to think that spoiling ourselves or bragging about our wins is egotistical and should be avoided. WRONG!

Celebrating yourself is the essential for growth. How do you know just how far you’ve come if you don’t appreciate all the hard work that is going into making your dreams a reality—even if it is your dream to be the best window washer in the world (we want to do that too, but just for one hour on one day)!

Okay enough with the inspirational shit—let’s get down to business…to defeat the HUNS!!!!

There is a little science and reasoning behind all the cool prompts within our first journal “Make Yourself Proud” and we want to take the time to explain everything. First and foremost, you are on this planet and breathing so that is pretty dang amazing. Keep up the great work of surviving through each day!


We will be going through the following topics in detail and backed with statistics to help you understand why you will grow and improve tremendously with our simple journal—while staying engaged.

  • Eating healthy
  • Sleeping enough
  • Starting each day with Gratitude
  • Career suggestions
  • Exercising
  • “Balance” in life
  • Happiness factors
  • And many more!
Self-help interactive pages

Technology is a double-edged sword for our generation because we are used to getting everything so quick and concise. This is the main reason we created this journal. We were bored of all the journals out there that were so repetitive or too vague. We are not very artistic, so bullet journals were just blank pages in our life. We needed something to follow but still have freedom because we are independent women!

Let us know your thoughts on starting habits. Do you fully commit and go all out? Or is it just a phase for you?

Let’s make this a conversation between us—Taylor says she is the type to go all in on phased habits. She will workout and eat healthy for a couple weeks and then completely lose it. Yes, she has been using “Make Yourself Proud” but this is all about being honest with you and ourselves. We’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be.

We are here to make mistakes and learn from them—life isn’t so much fun when it is perfect all the time! We hope you enjoy as we get real and share insights and personal journeys!

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Hello I would love to get a journal but I don’t have the money I am very Bipolar and major Depression I also have stage 5 kidney disease and need a kidney transplant I am having trouble loving myself and other issues I just want to be happy again Thank You


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