Self-Esteem Affirmations to start using

Getting Started on your self-esteem journey?


 Here are 21 Affirmations for your self-esteem

  1. I am worthy
  2. I value myself
  3. I am valuable
  4. I am smart and have value to bring
  5. I am wildly confident
  6. I have accomplished a lot in life already
  7. I live each day for me
  8. I am on the right path--success takes time
  9. I believe in my abilities
  10. I love my body
  11. My legs are strong and sexy
  12. My complexion is beautiful and mine
  13. I am a special person
  14. I am not comparable to anyone else
  15. I am fiercely confident
  16.  I respect myself 
  17. My thoughts are valuable and I speak my mind
  18. I love the shape of my body
  19. My _____(a body part) is absolutely divine
  20. I am motivated 
  21. I can do hard things

Use these affirmations to help you through your self-esteem jouney. Your brain is so powerful and it is important that you are controlling the narrative it is telling you. Affirmations help with creating positive thoughts and emotions so you can live your days successfully. 

You can say these to yourself in your head, out loud in front of a mirror, or write them down in the your journal. Find how it sticks for you--the most important part is that you believe it and do it fully. 

Leave a comment on the affirmation you use if it's not in the list. Need more affirmations, find some from Thrive Global here.

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