Look here for frequently asked and answered questions. I know you are excited to get your journal(s) and I am equally excited. If something is not answered here, please reach out to: hello@neverstaystagnant.com

  • Where is my order?

Step one: Check that you received the order confirmation email from hello@neverstaystagnant.com. If you have gmail, this email sometimes hides in your promotions tab. If you do not have this email, your order may have not been completed. Reach out if you think this is an error.
Step two: Check for your tracking email. We typically process orders within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. Orders placed on Saturday/ Sunday are processed on the following Monday. 
Step three: If it has been a week past the expected delivery date, please reach out so we can get you a new journal or track down where the journal is sitting. We ship via USPS and UPS which means as soon as we drop it off, we know as much information as you do but we will investigate to help you find it. 
  • I did not receive a confirmation email but my credit/ debit card statement has a pending charge...

If you receive an error message while placing your order, there could be a problem with the information entered. Please verify the billing address you entered at checkout. The billing name and address you entered must match your credit card bill statement address exactly for an order to be processed.

Please be advised that multiple unsuccessful order attempts may result in multiple credit or debit card authorizations. 

Each time an order is attempted, a pending authorization will be placed on your account. For unsuccessful orders, these pending authorizations usually drop off in 3-5 business days, dependent upon your bank. We do not control this so please be cautious when entering in your card details.