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Habit Tracker (12 Month and Weekly) Digital Download

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Tracking your habits is proven to be effective. 

Do you need another way to remind yourself to complete your new, amazing habits? 

These downloadable and printable habit trackers will help you keep track of any habit you choose to start each month. You can print for use in real life or download it to a tablet or iPad to fill in each day digitally.  Post it in a place where you will see it every day and hold yourself accountable.

You have more than enough lines to start a new habit or track an old one each month. When you actually do the habit that day, you fill in the cute little star. Then at the end of the month, you can see your progress! 

For the weekly habit tracker, you can choose habits that you really want to focus on and specific routines you want to add to your life. Choose the tracker that helps you keep your habit alive.

The digital download includes 12 monthly habit trackers and a simple weekly habit tracker that can be printed and used with ease. Use stickers, colors or keep it plain but remember to track your goals! 

Some habit examples:

  • journaling 
  • working out
  • drinking all your water
  • reading
  • etc.
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