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Gel Pen with Inspirational Quote Set (set of 5)

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FUN, fresh, colorful gel pens you need in your life.

Gel pens are so much fun to have. They keep things interesting and fun. These gel pens in particular are handmade with lots of love and give your journal the step up that you need. Filling in your journal pages with these gel pens adds more fun than you thought possible. (Literally more fun than a child in a bounce house.) Plus each pen comes with an inspirational quote or motivational words to keep you on track towards your goals. 

I use my gel pens for everything from my journal, to writing down notes, to keeping a to-do list to signing papers. These pens are great to have laying around the house when you need a little extra motivation as you pick up a pen. Who said physical writing was a thing of the past? I am here to show you it is here to stay (especially if we all use gel pens).

Fun Facts:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Set of 5
  • Different colors to keep your journaling fun
  • Glides nicely on the page
  • Finger cushion for support when you journal for a long time

If you order more than one set, we try hard to switch up the colors for you.


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