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Make Yourself Proud: An Interactive Self-Improvement Journal

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Revolutionize the quality of daily life with an easy, fun, fill-in journal.

Make Yourself Proud uses interactive, fill-in prompts with morning and nightly check-ins to encourage and challenge daily habits that create positive change to Make You Proud. After a few short days of this journal, feel like the ultimate health queen with #careergoals, and self-love that will pivot you towards the best version of yourselves.

I created this journal as I was hitting my mid-20s to help me get stuff done and achieve my real goals. Being a millennial, I had the worst attention span, but still wanted to be checking things off my career bucket list while enjoying my life. I wanted more than just self-help books and repeating gratitude journals--I needed something that would guide me to focus and work on the right things. I needed a best friend, mentor, and coach to push me each day. 

Make Yourself Proud is an interactive journal filled with easy-to-answer morning and evening journal check-ins that change each week to help you with consistency. One week you might be focusing on gratitude, an exercise plan, and learning something new; and then the next week, self-appreciation, water intake, and/or a successful person to learn from each day. Each week focuses on productive habits that support you in reaching your potential in health, knowledge, self-love, and career goals.

This journal is to support you through your self-improvement journey in a fun and exciting way. 


Decide what style is best for you:

~Do you like opening your journals 360 degrees? Do you find it easier to remind yourself to complete a task with your checklist right in front of you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then put the SPIRAL journal in your cart and wait patiently for the best gift to be delivered.  


~Do you mean business? Do you have an outstanding bookshelf that this fun, fresh, and colorful binding would look amazing on? The hardback version is for you. Same inside but has a more secure and stable outside. 


~The paperback version is perfect for any go-getter that loves to keep pages compacted. It is easy to stuff in your purse, backpack or car door. Take it where ever you go or keep it next to your bed to track your incredible daily growth.  (THE PAPERBACK CAN ALSO BE PURCHASED ON AMAZON HERE too) 



The boring details:

  • Dimensions: 6" X 9"
  • Number of pages: 153
  • Black and white
  • Coloring pages
  • Various inspirational quotes
  • Countless times for improvement
  • Different covers with the same insides

Add it to your cart to experience incredibly easy daily self-improvement.

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