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Self-Talk Interactive Worksheets

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Transform your self-talk and LOVE yourself in a printable form

These worksheets are based on the Dear Self, You Rock journal. Transform your internal dialogue with these worksheets that focus on self-talk, confidence, self-esteem, and positivity. These worksheets were created just for YOU to support your switch from irrational, unhelpful behaviors to positive, confident World Domination (just kidding, but maybe just the BOSS of your world).

Instead of having a physical journal, use these worksheets to repeat daily rituals with freedom. They can easily be printed or filled in on your favorite tablet or computer. These are perfect for the individual that knows they need to improve their self-talk but cannot commit time to a journal. These are good for getting started and getting your thoughts aligned.

These pages can also be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. Be the boss of your self-talk and work on yourself at your own pace. 


This digital download includes

  • 2 self-talk worksheets with:
    • Negative to Positive thought work
    • Mantra building
    • Gratitude
    • Goal Setting
    • Self-Love exercises
  • Lined Sheets for notetaking
  • Dotted Sheets for creating your own bullet journal


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