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Thoughts, Goals & Gratitude: An Intentional Personal Growth Journal

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A simple journal for your basic everyday journaling needs.

This journal gives you the freedom to be yourself and helps you to meet your goals while deeply thinking about any subject daily. This journal incorporates goal setting, habit tracking, gratitude practicing, and deep thinking into a year-long journal. 

 Start with your goals.

It is essential to set goals for all areas of your life--yourself, your career, social life, finances, and relationships/ family. In this journal, you will think about and create goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

Track your habits

Use the Monthly Habit Tracker to maintain important behaviors and habits that are moving you closer to your goals. Each month is housed on the same page so you can look over your progress throughout the year and adjust as needed. 

Think Deeply and Journal

On the Daily Journal page, write the date and the mood you are feeling in at that moment. Then use the space to deeply think about anything that is going on in your life. This is your time and space to be vulnerable and honest with yourself. Use it to process emotions, situations, or just ponder thoughts. 

Practice Gratitude

Recognizing all that you have, are, and experience in life is key to mindfulness and happiness. You have the opportunity to recognize anything big or small that
happened in the day or in your life in general daily within the journal.


This is the perfect everyday journal to have in your life. Simple. Elegant. And Easy.

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